Fakturirane.bg – the website for invoicing and accounting forms

Fakturirane.bg is a completely functional and access free resource website providing professional solution for online invoicing of different companies no matter their size or structure. It also contains an album of primary accounting documents, an album of personnel/human resource management documents and examples of the most widely used commercial contracts.

Fakturirane.bg allows issuing of invoices and of all supplementary documents, including debit and credit notes, protocols and pro-form invoices. All the documents could be issued both in Bulgarian and English languages.

Fakturirane.bg contains dozens of primary accounting documents used in day-to-day activities of each organization, that are the base on which the accounting processing is performed. Each document is presented with an image and a description of its usage, as well as the obligatory and recommended requisites. At the end of the description of each document you will find attached a word file which you could use as a model of your own primary accounting document.

Fakturirane.bg also contains dozens of documents necessary for the administration of payroll processing and personnel management, used in the day-to-day relations with staff members. Each of the documents is prepared in such a way that it could be used right after you fill in the necessary data. After each document you will find a word file attached which you could use as a model of your own form, related to the payroll and personnel.

Fakturirane.bg contains examples and basic versions of the most widely used commercial contracts. In rare cases the contracts published could be used directly after filling in the necessary data. However, in most cases the specifics of the relations and deal require tailoring the contract to reflect properly the circumstances and interests of the parties involved. That is why we recommend that the proposed variations are revised by a person experienced in preparation and execution of contracts. After each exemplary document you will find a word file attached which you could use as a base for preparation of a customized contract for the particular deal.

Fakturirane.bg is created and supported by Kreston BulMar

Kreston BulMar is part of Kreston International, one of the leading and widely recognized accounting and consulting networks in the world, with more than 750 representative offices in over 100 countries, with more than 20 000 professionals employed.

Kreston BulMar has been a leading Bulgarian accounting and consulting company for 15 years, it is a symbol of highest professionalism, commitment, constant growth and improvement, providing maximum reliability and benefits to its customers.

Kreston BulMar provides financial audit, accounting services, payroll, tax consulting, business valuations and legal services.

Today Kreston BulMar has 80 employees, 11 partners, 7 offices in the country and over 1 000 permanent customers.

Kreston BulMar is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 (information security). We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an enterprise partner of VM Ware.

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